Your first appointment

What to expect at your first appointment

People can be very nervous if they have never seen a counsellor before so it can be helpful to know what to expect.  You will be asked to arrive 10 mins prior to your appointment time so that you have time to complete some necessary paperwork before you see the counsellor.   Your first appointment usually takes up to 30 mins longer than later appointments so that your counsellor has more time to take a thorough history and fully discuss your presenting issues.

Subsequent appointments are usually scheduled for about 50 mins duration.

Counselling is a process which can assist people to clarify issues, and reach solutions by talking them through with a professional.   Counselling does not provide ‘quick fix’ solutions, nor provide you with the ‘right’ solution;  instead it offers you an opportunity to work out your own solutions and strategies with appropriate professional support.

Our counsellors take a very solution oriented approach to life issues.  This means that more time is focused on the ways in which you would like things to be different or better, identifying your strengths and developing the strategies needed in order to achieve your goal.

Counselling is available for a wide range of life issues and may be sought as a one time intervention, or on an ongoing basis.

All services are strictly confidential and information may only be provided to other professionals with your written consent, except in the case of mandatory reporting laws.   It is required by law to report to relevant authorities in cases where:

  • it is deemed that a client is in danger of self harm, or of harming others
  • a criminal act is disclosed

Personal Counselling can be undertaken in person or by telephone, either through a landline, or internet video facility.