‘What I loved about my sessions with Debbie was that I didn’t have to go over and over my problems… we worked on solutions.. practical things I could do straight away, and things that actually worked!’      Rachel

‘John cut through all the rubbish others kept on about.. I didn’t like it so much as I realised it was the truth.  What I was doing was causing a problem, and the only way to change it was to actually change it.   It helped to be told the reality and be helped to make positive changes.’       Rob

‘I’ve had counselling before, even been to 2 psychologists.  They all told me why I had my problems, but nobody could tell me what I could do about it that worked.  Debbie had practical strategies that were easy for me to implement.  It hasn’t been all easy, but she didn’t say it would be.  I have to practise new ways of doing things, but I’m seeing changes already.  Thanks so much…’      Michelle

‘When John helped me see how much money I could save by just cutting back on my drinking that was pretty good.  When he showed me how my life could be different if I stopped, I realised I just had to do it.  And he helped me.  It was hard, but I’m glad I listened.’        Dave

‘We’ve had Debbie in to run a couple of debriefs for our staff when we’ve had a crisis.  Best investment we’ve ever made.   The staff get a chance to talk things through.  Debbie provides great guidance and strategies.  We reduce our down time.  Everyone’s happy.  What’s not to like?                      John, small business owner.

‘As soon as I walked into the counselling room I felt this weight lift off my shoulders. I’ve seen both John and Debbie and both have made me feel so welcome and listened to.’ Bethany