Workplace Mediation Services

When conflict arises in the workplace it can make life challenging for the entire team.  Ideally most conflicts would be worked out between two disputing parties at the lowest level possible, between the two of them.  This isn’t always possible when both parties are clearly invested in their own positions, or personal issues have become involved or emotions are running too high.

This is where it can be helpful to engage the services of an external person with experience in assisting to resolve disputes.   Workplace Mediation is a confidential, informal and voluntary process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute to assist them in developing mutually acceptable agreements to improve their future working relationship.

Dispute resolution does not aim to achieve all parties becoming best friends. It does aim to achieve an agreement about the current problem and a way to resolve it in order to continue to work together effectively.  It also aims to educate parties in conflict resolution and communication skills to more effectively manage conflicts in the future.

What to expect

Your mediator will receive some background information about the dispute and any steps taken toward resolution prior to your appointment.  Initial appointments are held separately with each individual so that your mediator has a clear understanding of each person’s position and expectations.  This meeting is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the process and what to expect from the next appointment where you will meet together with the other party.

Clear guidelines for effective communication and being clear about your goals will be given at this first session in order for the second session to run smoothly and successfully.

Second appointments are held jointly with both parties.  Strict rules for respectful communication are explained and demonstrated.  Agreed outcomes are developed and will be written and signed by both parties.  Agreed outcomes will be forwarded to management of your organisation if applicable.

Fees for mediation services are negotiated with individual businesses.  Please contact our office on 0260 594500 to discuss your needs.