About Us

With decades of experience and qualifications in mental health, oncology, disabilities, education and counselling, John and Debbie are uniquely placed to provide a truly holistic service to clients with complex problems. We currently accept referrals from:

  • Mental health services, for
    • family education
    • psychosocial support post discharge from acute care
    • behavioural education
  • General Practitioners and Specialists, for
    • counselling for high prevalence mental health issues
    • loss and grief counselling
    • counselling, education and support for chronic or terminal illness
    • health and lifestyle change support and education
    • drug and alcohol education and counselling
  • Psychologists and other professionals, for
    • specialist counselling where a holistic health perspective will be beneficial

We take a psycho-educational approach to counselling, underpinned by a focus on identifying and building on strengths, and identifying and implementing solutions.  It is our aim that every client should leave every consultation with at least one effective strategy to create positive change.

We are committed to a team approach to client care and will coordinate referrals to other essential client services and follow up where necessary. Referrals can be faxed to:  02 60596500      Or emailed:  admin@garratthealth.com.